Oklahoma State paid consulting film $15K in basketball coaching search

By Thomas Lott 2 April 2017 222
Oklahoma State paid consulting film $15K in basketball coaching search

It wouldn’t be surprising to see college students start pursuing careers in consulting after seeing what one consulting firm did for Oklahoma State in the last few weeks.

According to the Tulsa World, OSU paid Fogler Consulting $15,000 in its coaching search that took place after their season came to an end in the first round of the NCAA Tournament March 17 and head coach Brad Underwood took a position at the University of Illinois.

They took the $15,000 and started their search for the next coach for the Cowboys. The search ended on their own campus as they hired the Cowboys’ assistant coach under Underwood Mike Boynton to take over the program.

Fogler consulting is a basketball coach search firm run by Eddie Fogler, who is a former Division I coach himself.

The school took six days to hire Boynton as their head coach. OSU interviewed five potential coaches, four within the university, and former college basketball player and current Fox Sports analyst Doug Gottlieb, before settling on Boynton.

Apparently the firm did not have a huge influence on the head coaching search.

"Internally, none," Holder said. "Just absolutely everything about what’s out there beyond this, and let us compare."

Fogler was the head coach at South Carolina when Boynton was a freshman with the Gamecocks. He actually recruited the former OSU assistant.

The Tulsa World asked Holder what he learned from the consulting firm.

He replied, "I like Mike Boynton. I like Mike Boynton a lot."

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