NBA will force fans to wait on MVP announcement until June awards show

By Jordan Heck 4 April 2017 231
NBA will force fans to wait on MVP announcement until June awards show

The NBA announced Monday an awards show on June 26 on TNT to celebrate the best in basketball.

In previous years, the league announced high-profile awards intermittently throughout the playoffs. Now, the awards show in New York will reveal the winners of the league's most coveted titles: Most Valuable Player, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Sixth Man Award, Most Improved Player and Coach of the Year.

Although the league didn't mention it in the release, NBA enthusiast and rapper Drake said earlier this year that he was going to be the host of the event.

“I don't even know if I'm allowed to say this yet — we'll find out — but I'll say it anyway: I'm actually producing and hosting the first annual NBA awards this year,” Drake said on the Cal Cast. “I get to take the reins on it. The ESPYs let me do great things, and I thank them a lot for that. Award shows are sometimes a bit restrictive, but they let me do a lot at the ESPYs. We'll just expand on that. I love hosting. I love being in a room of legendary, iconic people who I look up to and having that pressure to make them laugh and enjoy their evening. Hopefully that will go well.”

The awards show will be the first of its kind for the NBA but not necessarily for sports. The NFL has been airing an awards show annually since 2011, and for the most part it has been a success. Interest in both leagues is so high that they figured they may as well profit off these awards rather than sending a press release announcing the winners.

Reaction to the NBA's announcement has been somewhat unenthusiastic. Most fans are upset by the lateness of the event, given that it's going to air after the NBA Finals. Usually the awards are known soon after the regular season is over. For example, Steph Curry's MVP announcement was made May 11 last year.

A somewhat interesting twist for fans is the reveal that there will be new awards announced in June. What those awards will be isn't clear, but the release claims we'll know before the start of the event.

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