My game is 'completely different' compared to Jordan – LeBron

By Alec Brzezinski 30 December 2016 192
My game is 'completely different' compared to Jordan – LeBron

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James played down comparisons to Chicago Bulls great Michael Jordan.

Ever since James was dunking on fellow teenagers, pundits have been linking the superstar to Jordan, but it may not be an apt comparison after all.

James, speaking ahead of Thursday's game against the Boston Celtics, poured water on the hype linking him to the great Bulls legend who won six NBA championships.

"No, [Jordan] was much more of a scorer, at that point did a lot of post work, but our games are just different," James said via .

"His body is different, my body is different than his. You recognise the dominance in someone at that age [32], but there's no similarities in our game at all.”

Both players used, or use, the fadeaway jump shot: James from the corner, and Jordan after crossing someone at the top of the key.

"Our shots are different," he said. "[Jordan] had much more lift in his fadeaway than mine. That was definitely a go-to move of his, but our games are completely different.”

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