Kerr: Ginobili should keep playing another two years

By Nicholas McGee 23 April 2018 268
Kerr: Ginobili should keep playing another two years

Steve Kerr believes Manu Ginobili should play another two years, despite seeing the San Antonio Spurs legend deny his Golden State Warriors a sweep in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

The defending champions were looking to close out a series they have dominated with victory in game four on Sunday, but were denied as a Ginobili-inspired Spurs team forced a game five on Tuesday with a 103-90 win.

Ginobili scored 16 points, going five of 10 shooting, to extend the Spurs' season by at least two more days.

The 40-year-old scored 10 of those points in the final six minutes to hold off a Warriors surge in what could be Ginobili's final home game for the franchise.

Ginobili decided not to retire when many expected him to at the end of the last season, following a sweep by the Warriors in the Western Conference finals, and has not made a decision on his future.

And Warriors head coach Kerr, who was team-mates with Ginobili when the Spurs won the NBA title in 2003, is keen for him to keep playing.

"I think he should come back two more years," Kerr said. "I smiled when he made that corner three right in front of us at the end of the game. It was just so typical Manu: [40] years old and 16 points, and hits the clinching three.

"He's Manu. That's what he does. I know he's old because he was my team-mate, and I'm old as dirt. So, if I played with him, he must be old."

The Spurs, still led by acting coach Ettore Messina with Gregg Popovich absent following the death of his wife, will be heavy underdogs on the road in game five.

To upset the odds in Oakland they will likely need another excellent shooting performance, San Antonio nailing 53.6 per cent of their three-point attempts having gone into the game shooting just 24 percent from deep in the series.

"We were all fired up, and we saw we were in a great situation to get that win when we needed it," Ginobili said. "Now, we have a few hours to feel good about this win, and tomorrow [Monday], we'll start thinking about game five.

"We're not the best shooting team in the league, but we're not that bad either to shoot 20 percent every game.

"We had a good night shooting. We'll see if we can maintain that for the next game. There's not much you can do. You try to get the best shots possible, try to find the open team-mate."

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