Kentucky fans ruined referee John Higgins' company Facebook page

By Jordan Heck 29 March 2017 294
Kentucky fans ruined referee John Higgins' company Facebook page

Having a Facebook page for your business is crucial to attract potential clients. It allows people to review your business, you can access need-to-know information from the page and it opens you to a much wider audience.

Unfortunately for referee John Higgins, he had to give all of that up for his roofing company, Rooferees. That's because following Kentucky's loss to North Carolina in the NCAA Tournament, Big Blue Nation fans discovered his page and absolutely trashed it . 

There were plenty of vulgar comments left, and remarks from people clearly making things up about his business. The fact they were all written recently made it clear this was an attack on him, and not how he actually conducts business. 

Other BBN fans weren't clever with their messages and just wrote about his refereeing duties in the game. Still, their reviews were all one-star and it eventually devalued the company's page because of all the one-star reviews.

Even though it's obvious to tell  now  that these reviews are fake, anyone searching his business a few weeks later might think this is the worst company of all time. 

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