It would be an honour to coach LeBron and Lakers, admits Kidd

By E.Jay Zarett 26 March 2019 200
It would be an honour to coach LeBron and Lakers, admits Kidd

Jason Kidd said it would be an honour to coach LeBron James as he discussed the possibility of joining the Los Angeles Lakers.

Kidd, who was fired by the Milwaukee Bucks in January 2018, has been linked to the Lakers job if Luke Walton is fired after the NBA season.

The 2011 NBA champion also could head to the collegiate ranks as he is reportedly the leading candidate to replace Wyking Jones at California.

"I think Cal is a great institution. We'll see what happens," Kidd told ESPN. "Right now, it's nice to be wanted.

"And it just tells me I'm doing the right thing. And I think the year off helps clean up some things too, just to refocus and have that energy.

"We'll wait until the season's over to see what opportunities come about and hopefully, there's one that fits."

Kidd said the Lakers were one of the best franchises in the "world" but added Walton has done an "incredible job".

"If you ever have the opportunity to wear the purple and gold, you can't turn that down, as a coach, as a player, because they're all about championships," Kidd said. "They have a process."

LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers and signed a four-year, $153.3million contract with the Lakers in July 2018.

The three-time NBA champion is averaging 27.5 points, 8.6 rebounds and 8.1 assists during his first season in Los Angeles, where the playoff drought continues.

"When you talk about the best player in the world [in James], you always are going to say yes because as a coach or as a team-mate, he's always going to make you better because you're going to work," Kidd said. "As a coach, X and Os, you’ve got to be on point.

"As a team-mate, you're going to work extremely hard because you know he's going to need you to make that shot or come up with a defensive play. So, that would be a great honor to coach any elite basketball player."

Kidd, who was a 10-time All-Star as a player, registered a 139-152 record and made two playoff appearances during his time with Milwaukee. He also coached the Brooklyn Nets for one season.

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