'I'm not as smart as I thought' - Durant

By Steven J. Gaither 5 October 2016
'I'm not as smart as I thought' - Durant

Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors to win an NBA title, but the four-time scoring champion says he needs to learn more about the game.

A two-time Olympic gold medallist and 2014 NBA MVP, Durant seemed to be serious.

"There's a lot I need to learn about the game of basketball," Durant told reporters Tuesday, via ABC7 News in the Bay Area.

"I'm not as smart as I thought I was about the game. It's played a different way here then I was used to playing."

Durant wanted it to be known, however, that it was not a dig at his old team – the Oklahoma City Thunder.

"It's not a knock on Oklahoma City," Durant said.

"It's not a knock on my past team-mates or that organisation. I mean it's different here. It's fun here. It's fun playing where I was before but that book is closed."

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