Cavaliers coach Larry Drew discusses trade rumors surrounding Kevin Love

By E.Jay Zarett 4 January 2019 4
Cavaliers coach Larry Drew discusses trade rumors surrounding Kevin Love

Cavaliers coach Larry Drew thinks trade rumors are part of playing in the NBA.

The New York Times reported earlier this week league executives believe Cleveland star Kevin Love is a “difference-maker” who the team would be open to moving for the “right price.” Drew discussed the speculation about Love being dealt when he met with reporters Thursday.

"As far as trades are concerned, I understand the nature of this business,” Drew said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Anybody can be traded. I've been in this league long enough where I've seen that happen. I think any deal that makes sense for any team, sure, they'll be willing to pull the trigger. But that's just the nature of our business.

"Around this time is always an exciting time because you start hearing names floating around, all the possibilities and the probables and the what-ifs and 99 percent of the time none of it happens. … That's just how the business is, that deadline, people get excited, things start floating around and that's just how it is."

Love signed a four-year, $120 million extension with the Cavaliers this summer shortly after LeBron James left the team and joined the Lakers. But, he has been limited to just four games this season because of a toe injury.

The Cavaliers have struggled without their star and hold an 8-30 record after falling to the Heat on Wednesday.

"We haven't had him all year," Drew said of Love. "Let's face it, he's our main guy. He's our go-to guy. He's the guy we're going to put the ball in his hands at the end of the game. … Getting him back, it will be a great welcome. Hopefully it will be sooner than later."

Love was averaging 19 points and 13.5 rebounds before he went down with the injury. Drew said there was still no timetable for his return.

"Right now we're anxious to get him back,” Drew said. “We're not going to rush him back. When he's ready to play, when he's been totally cleared by medical, when he's been out there practicing and moving around and being bumped around, when he clears that and they deem him ready to come back and play, we'll be ready to have him back. But until then, we'll just have to wait until he's ready."

The Cavaliers will host the Jazz on Friday.

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