Carmelo Anthony: Chips will be on table in chat with Phil Jackson

By Jordan Heck 4 April 2017 178
Carmelo Anthony: Chips will be on table in chat with Phil Jackson

New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony said he sees the writing on the wall ahead of his meeting with president Phil Jackson.

Anthony's future in New York appears to be bleak as the NBA team made attempts this season to move on from the star player.

The trade deadline obviously has passed, but now the Knicks have the upcoming offseason to decide what do with the 32-year-old. 

Knicks president Jackson did not exactly hide his feelings about wanting to trade Anthony, but the forward still holds power with his no-trade clause.

Anthony and Jackson will have an exit interview of sorts once the season is over, and the 10-time All-Star knows how important it is.

"Pretty sure the chips will be on the table," he said on Monday. "The chips will be on the table in that meeting."

Anthony also responded to comments made over the weekend by Scottie Pippen, who used to play for Jackson.

Pippen said the team president needs to be fired and credited Anthony for how he has handled the situation.

"I think in this situation everybody has an opinion," Anthony said. "I think the fact that, for one, we're here in New York — one of the biggest markets in the world — and we are the talk of that market. Everybody has their opinion.

"I'm just glad people speaking up, whether it's good or bad, people are speaking up, having their own opinion, rather than me trying to convince or not convince people of the situation or what's going on and I could just play basketball. Everybody else sees what's going on, so they're going to have an opinion."

Anthony also added he sees "the writing on the wall."

This season, Anthony has averaged 22.5 points, 5.9 rebounds and 2.9 assists.

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