Marlins bringing back facial hair, players rejoice

By Gabrielle McMillen 14 February 2017 2342
Marlins bringing back facial hair, players rejoice

The Miami Marlins have lifted their ban on facial hair, and players could not be happier. 

Manager Don Mattingly finally relented, allowing players to let their facial follicles grow free because so many grumbled about having to stay clean shaven.

"It was a constant fight last year, honestly, with guys," said Mattingly on Tuesday.

"Through the course of the season and watching the playoffs and the World Series, for me it just didn't seem like that big of a thing. The most important thing is our guys prepare and play the game right."

The ban went into effect when Mattingly took over as Marlins manager two seasons ago.

However, the facial hair ban has been a hot topic with the Marlins for about 15 years, when Jeffrey Loria became the owner of the team.

Beards and moustaches were allowed in 2012, but the ban was put in place again in 2016.

While players are allowed to grow out their facial hair again, their beards and moustaches must look neat, according to Mattingly.

"A little bit last year for me was being in a new situation and wanting to make sure the team was put first, and it wasn't going to be about personal things," he said.

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