Kris Bryant’s father offers advice for LaVar Ball

By Kirstie Chiappelli 30 March 2017 29
Kris Bryant’s father offers advice for LaVar Ball

Kris Bryant’s dad, Mike Bryant, has some advice for LaVar Ball about raising a sports prodigy.

The father of the reigning National League MVP suggested Ball keep his mouth shut and let his three sons play basketball without the added distraction.

“The guy is going to ruin it for his kids,” Mike said in an ESPN 1000 interview Tuesday. “I mean that in a sympathetic/empathetic way. Let his kids go out there and play and let the rest happen. But to compare him to Michael Jordan and better than Steph Curry — C’mon, that’s disrespecting those guys. If I had five minutes with him and I could get him to listen for two of them, I think I could get him to think a little bit.”

When it comes to Ball boasting about his boys, especially former UCLA freshman star Lonzo Ball, Mike insisted "the spotlight is on him and all for the wrong reasons."

Given his experience, Mike believes the excessive chatter could deter Ball's sons from playing their best. It may also affect how teams view his sons and force coaches to think twice before adding them to the roster given the extra baggage their father brings.

“How can you have fun when you’re worried about your old man making a fool of himself?” Mike said. “There’s ways to do it. I’m not trying to be judgmental. I feel for the kid in this situation. There are too many stories out there that don’t turn out well because of stuff like this.

“Just let your kid play and enjoy it. You have to enjoy it. If you sit back and zip it, don't run your mouth and watch him do what he does you will be amazed at how good he is. If you're too busy talking you're going to miss the moments.”

Seems simple enough, though it's not likely Ball will listen.

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