Cashman dubs Red Sox 'Golden State Warriors of baseball' after Sale deal

By Brandon Schlager 7 December 2016 189
Cashman dubs Red Sox 'Golden State Warriors of baseball' after Sale deal

Such is the enormity of ace Chris Sale's move to the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman described his rivals as the Golden State Warriors of MLB.

Red Sox acquired Sale in a blockbuster trade on Monday, parting with their two best prospects, including consensus MLB number Yoan Moncada, to lure the five-time All-Star from the Chicago White Sox.

Asked to describe the trade, which marries Sale with two of the last five AL Cy Young winners to form a "Big Three" rotation, Cashman turned to another sport to appropriately contextualize the significance.

"That's a wow," he told reporters at baseball's winter meetings. "Boston are the Golden State Warriors of baseball now. They've got their [Kevin] Durant and [Draymond] Green and [Klay] Thompson and [Steph] Curry."

If Sale is Kevin Durant, the big fish of the NBA's most recent offseason, then David Price and Rick Porcello are worthy Steph Curry and Klay Thompson comparisons. 

Price and Porcello are the incumbents who helped Boston finish fourth in MLB in team ERA last season.

Porcello was awarded his first Cy Young; Price won it in 2012 with the Tampa Bay Rays, and twice has finished as runner-up. Lest it be forgotten, Drew Pomeranz, the most coveted pitcher moved at last year's deadline, slots in as Boston's number four with two-time All-Star Clay Buchholz behind him or in the bullpen.

Sale might be the best starting pitcher in baseball who has yet to win a Cy Young.

At 27, the left-hander added a fifth consecutive All-Star selection to his resume in 2016 and finished the season 17-10 with 233 strikeouts in 226.5 innings pitched.

Cashman said the Yankees kicked the tires on Sale, but never pursued a deal seriously because of the sticker shock.

"It is not a deal that we should be doing at this moment in time, but we're going to get to the point where that is a deal that we will be in play on," he said. "But it is a timing thing."

Instead, Cashman said the Yankees have offers on the table for top free-agent relievers Aroldis Chapman and Kenley Jansen. But neither would make a splash the size of Sale.

Asked to describe where the Yankees fit into his NBA equivalency, Cashman admitted, "I don't know."

"I couldn't tell you. If it is the NBA, we're in the pack of contenders looking to take Golden State down. That's a good question."

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