BWF set to vote on new scoring format

By Seng Foo 16 May 2018 1076
BWF set to vote on new scoring format
The Badminton World Federation (BWF) will decide on several changes to the Laws of Badminton in Saturday's annual general meeting (AGM) in Bangkok, Thailand.

The agenda of the AGM, taking place a day before the 2018 Thomas and Uber Cup, includes discussing changing the current 21-point best-of-three scoring format to 11-point best-of-five, which has already been tested at several tournaments.
The world body will also consider limiting interactions between players and coaches, in which a player is only permitted to receive advice during a time-out.

According to the BWF, the amendments, which should come into effect on December 10 this year if approved, are aimed at raising the game's intensity and sponsorship prospects.

"I think we need to be prepared with the changes," Malaysian shuttler Lee Chong Wei told Astro Arena.

"They might change the scoring system and reduce the communication between coaches and players. We do not know what else will be changed by the BWF.

"For me, [the new scoring format] is good for veterans like me because games will be shorter. It is not easy to go up against younger players."

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