Tomlin blasts Brown's 'selfish' Steelers locker room video

By Jordan Heck 17 January 2017 287
Tomlin blasts Brown's 'selfish' Steelers locker room video

Mike Tomlin had a stern tone Tuesday afternoon as he addressed a Facebook Live video from Antonio Brown inside the Pittsburgh Steelers' locker room.

Brown received attention for filming inside of the Steelers' locker room following the team's playoff win over the Kansas City Chiefs. 

He captured Tomlin calling the Patriots "a**holes" and, ironically, keeping a low profile on social media.

Tomlin will plan talks with Brown over the matter. He said it was a violation of team policy, and league policy, and plans to punish him for his actions. 

"It was foolish of him to do that. It was selfish of him to do that. It was inconsiderate for him to do that," Tomlin said. 

"He has to grow from this. He works extremely hard, he's extremely talented and those things get minimised with incidents like this."

As for the contents in the video, Tomlin apologised for the "regrettable" language he used.

"As a parent, as a member of the community I take that very seriously," Tomlin said. "I issue an apology in that regard."

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