'Tom Brady really inspired me' - Vick considering retirement U-turn

By Joe Rodgers 7 February 2017 17422
'Tom Brady really inspired me' - Vick considering retirement U-turn

Retired quarterback Michael Vick is contemplating a return to the NFL following Tom Brady's heroics in Super Bowl LI.

After watching Brady's incredible performance in New England's 34-28 win against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, Vick already as an itch to return to the NFL.

Former Falcons QB Vick, 36, said that he is leaving the door open and will continue to train in case the right opportunity comes along.

"As soon as I made the announcement I wanted to come back out of retirement," Vick told TMZ on Monday.

"I'm getting cold feet, man. Just watching the game last night — Tom Brady really inspired me. The reason is, I know how hard he worked. We had the game, Atlanta had the game but a guy like Tom, it's just a testament to how hard he worked."

Brady, 39, was named the Super Bowl MVP after throwing for 466 yards and two touchdowns and overcoming a 25-point deficit in an overtime win against the Falcons. 

Meanwhile, Vick did not play this past season but still likes the idea of returning to the NFL should a team need an emergency QB. 

"I'm just going to keep my options open," Vick said, who announced his retirement on Friday.

"As of right now I'm officially retired but I'm going to continue to work out, I'm going to get myself in tip-top shape and just leave the door open. Things happen throughout the course of a season, guys get hurt. I have a lot of relationships with a lot of coaches around the league and I don't think I should discredit those services. I should always be serviceable and accessible just in case somebody needs me one day."

Vick ended his 13-season NFL career with 133 touchdowns and 88 interceptions.

He also rushed for 36 touchdowns. Unfortunately, his career was tainted by a brutal dog fighting scandal that led to prison time for the dynamic quarterback.


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