Ryan taps into Manning knowledge on how to down Brady and the Patriots

By Peter Hanson 31 January 2017 232
Ryan taps into Manning knowledge on how to down Brady and the Patriots

Matt Ryan has sought advice from Eli Manning as he attempts to lead Atlanta Falcons to Super Bowl LI glory against New England Patriots and the great Tom Brady.

Throughout his career, Ryan has had to face accusations that he is unable to perform in the post-season and is not an elite quarterback.

But Ryan has defied his critics during a superb season that has made him a prime candidate to win the NFL's MVP award.

However, to put the gloss on a sublime season Ryan and the Falcons must overcome the powerhouse Patriots and a man in Brady who is looking to become the first quarterback in history to win five championship rings.

Manning is a man that knows how to get the job done in the big one against the Patriots, though, having been the quarterback in New York Giants' Super Bowl victories over New England in Super Bowl XLII and XLVI.

And Ryan was keen to tap into Manning's thoughts, saying: "I received text messages from Eli, and obviously I've gotten to know Eli throughout the years, and he's a great guy.

"I think his advice was, 'You guys know yourselves, and you know what you do,'. 

"And at the end of the day, that's probably some of the best advice you can get is to trust what we do and trust our process and who we are and how we do things. And I think we'll be ready to go."

On Brady himself, Ryan had nothing but praise for his record in NFL.

"I've gotten to know Tom over the last seven or eight years," he added. "We met, really for the first time when they came down for training camp, and I got to spend some time with him.

"Tom has been awesome to get to know. He's incredibly supportive. We exchange text messages back and forth quite a bit.

"I think all quarterbacks and younger guys have looked up to Tom throughout their career. His consistency, his longevity, just the way he has competed throughout his entire career has been impressive.

"So, I think all of us have looked up to him."







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