Lightning mock Chargers over new logo

By Nicholas McGee 12 January 2017 250
Lightning mock Chargers over new logo

The Chargers' decision to leave San Diego for Los Angeles after 56 years has predictably drawn high levels of criticism.

And the franchise's PR was not improved on Thursday, as shortly after announcing the team's relocation, the Chargers revealed a new logo.

The new crest was quickly subjected to widespread social media mockery and the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning decided to pile on.

Whoever put together the logo must not have noticed that it looks very much like an amalgamation of the Tampa Bay's lightning bolt crest and the 'LA' worn on the caps of players for MLB's Los Angeles Dodgers.

However, the Lightning certainly did.

Earlier the San Diego Padres took aim at the Chargers' decision to move.

Padres chairman Ron Fowler and managing partner Peter Seidler released a joint statement that read: "We are deeply disappointed by the news that the Chargers are leaving San Diego.

"The Chargers are a community treasure, and we have always believed that San Diego is better off with the team here.

"That said, we know San Diego will continue to grow and become an even more vibrant community."

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