Lane Kiffin addresses the rumor he uses the alias 'Joey Freshwater'

By Jordan Heck 30 March 2017 262
Lane Kiffin addresses the rumor he uses the alias 'Joey Freshwater'

If you read college football message boards, or follow the community, then you've probably seen the name "Joey Freshwater" floated around. The name was reportedly anĀ alias used by Lane Kiffin, although there wasn't much substantial evidence behind it.

Even though the name was based entirely on speculation, it stuck because, well, it's a great name. "Freshwater" shirts were made by Alabama fans back when Kiffin was the Tide's offensive coordinator, and it grew into a running joke of sorts.

Anyways, Kiffin has never addressed whether the name is true because no reporter really wants to ask him about it. That was, however, until this week. The new FAU coach appeared on " Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis " radio show and, sadly, denied using the name.

"No, I have not," Kiffin responded after being asked if he used the alias. "I've used Jimmy Chestnut but not Joey Freshwater."

He later added he was joking about using Jimmy Chestnut.

"Someone told me Joey Freshwater is the best thing I've ever heard," Kiffin continued," and I said 'Well, his friend is Jimmy Chestnut and is just as good."

Kiffin may deny ever using the name, but it probably won't stop people from believing he has.

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