Kansas City Chiefs target St. Louis in marketing push

By Arthur Weinstein 31 March 2017 257
Kansas City Chiefs target St. Louis in marketing push

For most of their existence, the Kansas City Chiefs have shared Missouri with a football team in St. Louis — first the Cardinals, then the Rams.

Now, following the Rams' controversial departure to Los Angeles last season, the Chiefs are reaching out to St. Louis fans and corporations.

The response has been very positive,  team president Mark Donovan told the Kansas City Star. While only a handful of Chiefs regular season games last season were shown on local TV in St. Louis, the entire preseason schedule was broadcast there, and all games were carried on St. Louis radio.

“Our radio broadcast did great and our preseason TV (games) were the highest-rated in the market,” Donovan told the Star. “But we had the most games shown throughout the year, and the market did great ratings."

Another positive sign: Donovan says the Chiefs are seeing an increase in ticket purchases by fans and corporations in the St. Louis area.

“We think that’s a really good, strong (sign) that they want to test it, that they want to see if they like it, before they do a season ticket (package),” Donovan said. “And that is our wheelhouse, that’s what we want. Get people to Arrowhead and then wow them with the experience, and they’ll come back. So that’s a good sign.”





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