Jones calls for everyone to 'cool it' with Romo speculation

By Brandon Schlager 25 January 2017 305
Jones calls for everyone to 'cool it' with Romo speculation

After fanning the flames of speculation all season, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones now would prefer that everyone, including himself, stop discussing the future of quarterback Tony Romo.

Speaking to reporters at Senior Bowl practice on Tuesday, Jones refused to say whether he has spoken to Romo about 2017 since the Cowboys' NFL season ended with a divisional round playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers. 

He instead wants to stifle the internal rumour mill until a decision is made.

"I'm not going to get into that at all — whether we've talked or not," Jones said.

"We're at a juncture now that we need to just cool it in our public conversations about what we're going to be doing or not doing there with Tony."

Last month, as the Cowboys were finishing their 13-3 season, Jones admitted to intentionally feeding into controversy surrounding the team's situation under centre because "that's one of the things that makes sports interesting."

In fact he could not get enough of talking about Romo all year.

It only became more prominent when the 36-year-old quarterback returned from injury in week 11, leading to speculation over whether Jones would dare interfere with Dak Prescott's rookie season success to re-insert the veteran into his starting role.

That never happened, and now it has became a matter of how, not if, the Cowboys will dispose of Romo, who carries a $24.7million cap hit in 2017.

Dallas could trade Romo should they identify a suitor willing to take on the three years remaining on his contract. Otherwise it is expected he will be released, free to sign with any team.

Jones side-stepped another question on Tuesday about whether he has a sense for which option Romo prefers.

"Well, I've always had a good feeling that I communicated well and that we as an organisation communicated well with Tony," he said. "I've always had that."

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