Greg Hardy could make return to football if fans vote for team to sign him

By Jordan Heck 29 March 2017 398
Greg Hardy could make return to football if fans vote for team to sign him

The Salt Lake Screaming Eagles of the Indoor Football League made headlines last month when they allowed fans to vote on their play-calling. The idea was pretty innovative, and it led to a lot of engagement and attention for a team people would otherwise ignore.

Now, the team is allowing fans to make more decisions, but this one is a bit controversial. According to the team's website, NFL outcast Greg Hardy has expressed an interest in playing for the Eagles, so they're now allowing fans to vote on whether or not they should.

As you probably recall, Hardy was released by the Panthers after a judge found him guilty of assault on his ex-girlfriend. However, during his appeal the charges were dropped after the victim failed to appear in court.

Hardy then made a return to the NFL, playing for the Cowboys. Despite negative attention, Dallas kept Hardy for the 2015 season. After the season was over, however, he was released from the team and hasn't made a return to football since.

Despite claiming to have an interest in an MMA career, Hardy now appears ready to play football again.

Via the Screaming Eagles' website:

[Hardy] has expressed a strong desire to join the Screaming Eagles as a way for him to showcase his football skills and prove worthy of another chance. ... We have spent the past week speaking with Greg directly and with many of his former teammates and coaches. After hours of deliberation and debate, Screaming Eagles ownership, management, and coaches are in unanimous agreement that we will support Greg joining the team under one condition – that our fans vote to allow him.

The team's coach, Matthew Sauk, added: "On the field, Greg would be a no-questions-asked signee for just about any coach in any league. Greg is human and made some mistakes in his life and is paying for those mistakes. We want the fans to make the call."

So far the votes are trending towards "yes," meaning the fans want to bring the controversial pass-rusher on board.

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