Brady fine with team-mates skipping White House trip

By Alec Brzezinski 14 February 2017 5398
Brady fine with team-mates skipping White House trip

Tom Brady will not hold a grudge against his team-mates who choose to skip the New England Patriots' White House trip.

Alan Branch, LeGarrette Blount, Martellus Bennett, Devin McCourty, Dont'a Hightower and Chris Long have already publicly said they will not visit the White House because of their objections to President Donald Trump.

Appearing on Pro Football Talk Live on Tuesday, Brady stated that players have the right to make their own choices regarding the Super Bowl champions' traditional visit.

Brady, coach Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft have fairly open personal friendships with Trump, but the quarterback wants his team-mates to understand the White House trip is about them, not politics.

"Putting politics aside, it never was a political thing. At least, it never was to me. It meant you won a championship and you got to experience something cool with your team, with your team-mates." he told PFT.

"Everyone has their own choice. It's an offseason. These days are valuable for everybody. You only get so much time with your family and friends, and if people don't want to go they don't want to go and that's their choice."

Brady added: "There's certain years, like a couple years ago, I wanted to go and didn't get the opportunity based on the schedule,

"We didn't get told until I think like 10 days before we were going, and at that point I had something I'd been planning for months and couldn't get there."




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