Formula One qualifying could take a new knockout format this season should the FIA implement a recommendation from the F1 Commission.

After meetings between the F1 Strategy Group and the F1 Commission in Geneva it was agreed a series of new measures for qualifying could produce faster and more spectacular sessions.

Under current regulations qualifying is made up of three sessions, with the five slowest drivers eliminated after Q1 and Q2 before the top 10 vie for pole position in the final 12 minutes.

The new guidelines – should they be implemented – would see the three qualifying sessions remain, however, the elimination of the slowest cars would change.

In a 16-minute Q1 all cars would take to the track and after seven minutes the car with a slowest time would be eliminated, and that would continue every 90 seconds thereafter until the chequered flag, eliminating seven drivers.

The remaining 15 would progress to Q2 and once again the slowest driver would leave the session – this time after six minutes – and drivers would continue to exit until eight remain.

The race for pole position would begin in Q3 – which would last 14 minutes – with the first elimination beginning after five minutes until the fastest two are left to battle it out for top spot in the final 90 seconds.

Should the new format be approved the FIA could introduce it for the opening grand prix of the 2016 season in Melbourne on March 20.